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One day the president of united states went to visit a mental asylum. He told the supervisor, “I will look around by myself”. While the president was roaming around, one mental patient asked another one, “Who is this guy?”.   He replied, “He is nobody. No one knows him.”  
- “Well then, let me ask him”
- Hey man, who are you?
The president replied - “I am the president of united states.”
They both laughed and told - “Every mental patient says the same thing at the first day”

Jokes apart, aren’t we all “nobody” to all the people except our family, friends and colleagues. Our presence, our existence is confined in very small boundary. We meet our family and neighbours at the early stage of life. Then we get school friends, university friends and after that colleagues. Done. This is the normal list of acquaintances in our life. People outside the boundary does not know us. Due to this small network size, we can not get help,benefit or opportunity from majority of the people. On the other hand we cannot help this majority people because they can not reach us in order to inform about the problem. We need to be reachable but of course we don’t want to expose our personal mobile phone to every one. The solution is having online presence where you can be found as well as reachable. Moreover you can choose which connection you want to accept and which you don’t.

We all know, networking is very important for personal and professional life. Having a strong online presence is an excellent way of networking. For business, getting found online is a vital factor. Few weeks ago, I was looking for a locksmith. My first step was searching online. I found many, then I chose the person who seems credible through his online presence. Later I have found another locksmith nearby my house but he did not get the job as he has no online presence.

Not only for businesses, it holds good for personal career development as well. Process of recruiting people has been changed over the years and it will continue. Resume on Microsoft word, pdf will be extinct soon. Your online presence will be the primary focus of recruiters to look into your works and personality. This is a much easier way to figure out how fit you are in the company in terms of behaviour and technical expertise. May be a recruiter from Microsoft is looking for you at your area if they search and don’t find you, it would be a very bad luck for Microsoft and a bit of you.

What is the first step of building strong online presence? “Know thyself” - as Socrates said. Google your name using other’s laptop or Incognito mode of your laptop. You will understand your position online. If you are not found online, you need to work on your online presence.

  1. Take a picture, not  a selfie. This is very important. This first impression will last longer. So take your picture with care.
  2. Prepare a profile on Linked in. Because Linked in is the largest social networking site for professionals.
  3. In order to find yourself in google search, Make the same profile at Google+. Google has a soft corner to it’s product (Google+) user.
  4. The best way of making strong online presence is having your own blogging website. This is the step which can make you stand out of the crowd. It will cost approximately $100 dollars and 1 week of your time. Buy a domain name by $10/year. Choose a Wordpress theme by $50. Hire someone from upwork only for setting up the website - it may cost $40.

Online presence will increase your success rate for both your career and business. Take a picture, make your profile, create a website and embark on the journey of painting your strong digital footprint by next week.

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