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Topic Title: Lesson Learned From My Life
A little boy of fourth grade had become 5th in merit list out of around 100 students. In this happy moment, his father raised the bar of excellence, he promised to gift him a watch on condition that he becomes 3rd in merit list next year. The boy started studying rigorously not in order to get the watch but in order to see the happy face of his hard working father. Can you guess what was his merit position at 5th grade? Yes, correct. He bagged the first position.

GE, TME and fellow toastmasters. The boy never demoted to 2nd position, not even for a single semester in his entire school life.

The boy was not me. :) I am Faruque, Safique Ahmed Faruque, Technical Lead Intelligent Money Sdn. Bhd. That little boy is my elder brother. My elder sister was the topper in her class as well. Apparently there was tremendous pressure on me to become top before completing my high school. I secured 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions but never stood first. I supposed to be topper logically but I could not make it. I was becoming more frustated day by day and it was hampering my study. All of a sudden one thought came to my mind - let's don't think about the result and keep trying with patience. I sat for examination, forcefully keep away the thoughts regarding results. At the result publising day, I was over the moon, I became the topper at the school.

I realized that day why Aristotles told - "the patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet".

I want to share some more learnings on how I train my mind to achieve success and avoid failure. Like most of the students, I also had ambition to study in our best engineering university - BUET. BUET admission test is one of the toughest test in our country - Bangladesh. According to my preparation, teachers and I were quite confident on my success. I kept patience and continued studying in slow pace. But unfortunately I fell in the waiting list.

I realized that day - Over confidence/unauthentic cofidence kills the chance of success.

I could not get chance in BUET at undergraduate level but I planned to do Post Graduate at BUET as I believe keep trying can show you success. But the matter of regret that this time also I could not get chance. I realized that only patience does not hold good here since my ambition is higher than my usual hard working level.

One fine morning my brother advised me, If you are desperate for anything, you will certainly get that. I thought deeply, energized myself again and next year I sat for exam again. By the grace of Almighty I was one of the top 5 examinees.

I learnt that day I need to be desperate, if I want to achieve a goal of another level.

Right after my graduation I joined in a company at only 6000 taka which is equivalent to 300 Ringiit per month. My friends and people around me advised to wait for better opportunities. I replied, I want to get my feet wet and keep trying for better opportunities. Within 6 months I got a job in a prominent company and the interesting fact is - due to my experience, I got 40% more salary than other employees of same recruiting batch.

I learnt - Getting your feet wet is the best option to choose.

From the beginning of my professional life, I always try to keep my commitments, so I always need to work harder. I try to help everyone who needs my help and I try not to complain. For this reason I have very good relationships with all of my co-workers. These habits helped me a lot. My salary was increased substantially. I came here in Malaysia as a Sr. Software Engineer and within one and half year I've become Technical Lead of this company. Due to good relationships, I got interviews from multinataional companies where I eventually worked for NOKIA corporation.

In a nutshell, keep patience. If you think something supposed to come, it will come. If you want something what people of same level of you do not achieve, be desperate to achieve that. And in normal day to day job, don't be lazy, take responsibility and keep up your good works, you definitely succeed.

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