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Topic Title: Lesson Learned From My Life
A little boy of fourth grade had become 5th in merit list out of around 100 students. In this happy moment, his father raised the bar of excellence, he promised to gift him a watch on condition that he becomes 3rd in merit list next year. The boy started studying rigorously not in order to get the watch but in order to see the happy face of his hard working father. Can you guess what was his merit position at 5th grade? Yes, correct. He bagged the first position.

Are you properly following scrum?

Scrum is the most popular framework for implementing agile. It is simple and effective. In spite of following this effective framework, many people often can't make most out of it. They cannot get proper output or faster improvement. The principle reason behind this inefficiency is following scrum improperly. We will discuss about the mandatory elements of scrum. Scrum is not a process, it is a framework. Scrum has 4 mandatory elements. We need to establish these 4 elements first and then we can impose processes on it. The 4 elements are -
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Print Friendly Planning Poker Card

Planning poker are a convenient way to estimate user stories. But the poker cards are not available in every shop. In Malaysia I did not find the card in any shop. So I decided to print some cards. In order to print I searched a lot for good print friendly version of poker card. I tried to look at and with the hope of free psd files. But I couldn’t find either. Thats why I have prepared one for my team and uploaded to behance for the community.