Export and Import translated strings in Drupal

We have a drupal web application which requires multiple language translations. We deployed it in a production server and a stage server. Data entry operator(translator) has inserted translated strings of different languages in stage server and we have tested and found all good. Now we want to import all the translated strings to production server. But we have faced a problem and I am going to tell about the problem and the solution now.
What are the problems we have faced?

Handling user generated files by NFS

If you have multiple servers for your web application, you may need a Network File System. It is a common use case where you need to keep user generated files. For example, userA has uploaded one file using through server1. Now no one (including userA) cannot access/see the file through server2 because the file is saved in server1. So the problem is to make the files available all over the servers. The best way to solve the problem is having an NFS server. All of your servers will act as NFS client and communicate with NFS server.

Using Syntax highlighter in drupal blog

Using Syntax highlighter in drupal blog Syntax highlighting is very common demand in programming related blogs. There are several modules for same task like GeSHi filter, SyntaxHighlighter etc. I find SyntaxHighlighter module very handy to display code snippet on my articles. There are two steps to make this module working.
  1. Install syntaxhighlighter library :
    #1. Download js library from http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/download/