PHPUnit test setup with Silex in Ubuntu

I am assuming that you already have silex installed by composer. To install phpunit through composer, add the following line at require-dev options
[ ] Add a line to your composer.json - "phpunit/phpunit": "4.3.*"
[ ] Run composer update Done. You will see the phpunit file inside /vendor/bin directory. You can make a symlink to this phpunit to /usr/bin and add chmod +x phpunit. Then verify by executing phpunit In my case, I have created a service provider and I will test that. I've created a src directory beside web. The folder structure is -web -src

Stop user's browser to save name, email, password for your web application

By default browsers keep the history of your input on name, email etc. Whenever it finds any input box with same name as previously submitted whether the site is previously visited or not, browser suggests the value of the fields to ease filling up the form. But you, as an application developer may not want to have this feature. What you need to do? You just need to add an attribute to your form tag. This is autocomplete="off". It will look like: