Update contributed modules by drush

<p>drush pm-update It supposed to do everything. But for my case it does not. It only shows the list of all modules those need to be updated. It does not download new codes. So what I did? I've first disabled the module drush pm-disable xyz It can cause to disable all the dependent modules. I kept the name of these modules also.

Most frequently used git commands

If you have done so many unnecessary changes in different files and now you want to discard all the changes ( before working at cool mind ) : git reset --hard Another most used command that is very useful when did commit but that was a mistake. What will you do?

How you should switch your career towards web development

Nowadays some of my acquaintances are asking me to suggest them how they can start working on web development. First question that comes to my mind that "why?" because these people are already having degrees in other fields like accounting, chemistry, statistics etc. The answers are mostly related to money. They are not satisfied with their current remuneration. Some of them want to earn extra money from web development. Now it becomes difficult for me to show them a good way to build career in web development. So I have divided my suggestions for two different categories of people.