Safique Ahmed Faruque


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Faruque is the founding member of SourceQore with a drive for making the world a smarter place. Today, he’s the visionary for the business while managing the company’s growth and strategy. He serves as Technical Lead at Intelligent Money Sdn Bhd.

Technical Lead with strong web development background.
  • + Certified Scrum Master
  • + More than 7 years of experience on web technologies.
  • + Experienced on both corporate and startup companies.
  • + Developed system for large community website - Nokia Betalabs.
  • + Developed a web application architecture considering BigData using MongoDB and Silex.
Regular work
  • + chalk out sprint goals along with product owner and find out task dependency.
  • + distribute tasks, clarify product requirements and monitor team velocity as well.
  • + do release plan, semantic versioning, and tag branches accordingly.
  • + conduct scrum meeting.
  • + provide technical solution.
  • + code review
Specialties: Scrum, Community websites, Drupal, Silex, Symfony, MongoDB, MySQL tuning.